Our Story

Southsource Advisors was founded in 2020 by a team of exprienced Advisors aiming to customize and personalize the commercial real estate process. 

We’re jeans and tees, not suits and ties. We’re brick and beam, not glass and steel. We know what we don’t do. Southsource focuses on the niche where our Advisors are best-in-class, and that’s it.


At Southsource, we drive long-term success for partners through our existing authentic relationships and customer-focused alignment. We represent two types of partners in need of the same solution: Atlanta based tech entrepreneurs seeking creative work spaces, and building owners and landlords cultivating community in their creative office projects. This niche approach is our ultimate value add. As the experts and the only commercial real estate firm concentrating on this specific ecosystem, we are able to exceed landlord and tenant goals by maximizing alignment with their unique KPIs. 


We only work on projects that we are truly passionate about and our four core values drive everything we do.

Our Values


We're Devoted to Authenticity

We're true to who we are in every situation

We're Always Innovating

We're continuously evolving and focused on what's next


We Play The Long Game

We don't sacrifice long-term value for short-term results

We Put Clients First

You get who you see. We go all out for each other and our partners.