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What We Do

We are at the center of Atlanta-based tech entrepreneurs and building owners focused on creative work spaces. We know what matters to you, and we have the greatest visibility into the key attributes within this niche space of creativity.

Tenant Representation

​By leveraging our Advisors’ deep relationships, Southsource serves forward-thinking businesses owners searching for creative work spaces that evoke a sense of community. Bringing years of expertise from large real estate firms, we created a platform that is uniquely designed for tenants to greatly benefit from strategic landlord relationships. This custom platform allows our Advisors to focus on the long-term best interest of our clients rather than short-term returns.

Landlord Representation

​Southsource Advisors connects landlords and building owners with tenants seeking creative office spaces that foster community. Through years of expertise, our built-in demand, and our ability to lead operations for both parties in the deal, our clients come to us for a truly undiluted brand. Our custom platform offers the forward-thinking technology, long-term relationships, and demand intelligence of larger firms, with an elevated level of service and agility that can only come from a boutique firm with a niche focus.

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